07 May 2010

Vancouver Opera

I've been given the go ahead to show off my recent freelance work for the Vancouver Opera's 2010-2011 season. This was a very exciting project to be offered so soon after graduating, thank you Doug and Annie!
Find out more here: vancouveropera.ca

Here are the pieces as they appear in VO's promotional flyer:

14 July 2009

Tooling Around

An unfinished Kerouac portrait that I've been playing with.

01 July 2009

Breaking the Ice

July is now.

A quick and personal piece.
I have several long term projects (self motivated assignments) that I'm excited about:

2 surreal graphic novels (tentatively) titled "Astro Glue" and "The Banana Famine". Strange titles, I know.

A couple of series of paintings: Francesca VERSUS the Green Animals and The Martian Showdown; also an ongoing series of Undead Presidents. This is freestyle folks, or maybe I'm just losing my marbles ...

06 May 2009

Portfolio Section

I've added a new portfolio section above to help my blog serve as my website until I build a better one.
I'd like to thank all of my portfolio reviewers today, all of your advice and observations were very helpful and motivating.

22 April 2009

Ginsberg Reworked

After major surgery, the finished Allen Ginsberg piece.

21 April 2009

Jean Louis


The three mailers have been redone:
(The Alan Moore [top] piece was reworked from scratch.)

Also, my business card:

More soon ...

05 April 2009

Irwin Allen

Graphite, acrylic, gouache, and digital.

16 March 2009



Three pieces donee for Experimental Illustration.

26 February 2009

Society of Illustrators

I got a piece into the Society of Illustrators student competition, specifically the W. Burroughs portrait above. Holy crap!
Congrats to Lindsay and Will, who also got pieces in!

UPDATE: I've received a Society of Illustrators Education Committee Award! I've never been so honored.

18 February 2009

Three Postcards

These are concept sketches for my three promotional mailers. The vague theme they share is either senses or "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". They make zero sense, and can be thought of as surreal visual puzzles ... maybe?

UPDATE: These are no longer going to be used, I've chosen to focus on more portrait driven mailers. Stay tuned. 9 April 2009

29 January 2009

Alan Moore Finish

Here we have the finished Alan Moore piece. I'm encountering that unholy phenomenon of finding my sketches more appealing than my finishes again, perhaps because I spend too much time on preliminary work and not enough on the finish. I'm thinking scale worked against me here as well, I prefer to work vastly smaller. (This piece = 20" x 30".)

17 December 2008

The Magician

Finished comp for Alan Moore piece, beginning finish tonight.
(Paul, why 20"x30"?!)

07 December 2008

William Seward

Graphite, watercolor, gouache, and digital.

04 December 2008