29 January 2009

Alan Moore Finish

Here we have the finished Alan Moore piece. I'm encountering that unholy phenomenon of finding my sketches more appealing than my finishes again, perhaps because I spend too much time on preliminary work and not enough on the finish. I'm thinking scale worked against me here as well, I prefer to work vastly smaller. (This piece = 20" x 30".)


Greg Miller said...

..looks great.

Greg Miller said...

one thing ive realized lately (ive learned this partly from watching shawn at different times) I too find my sketches more appealing than my finishes. sooo..take your finishes and make them like a SKETCH. for example- start a final with a light sketch, then, before anything else, throw in some splashes of color. then maybe some charcoal and chalk to darken and lighten things up. work on some of the painting, building it up, then come back to the ole' pencil. defining things where needed.- all i'm trying to say is there's no right way to do an illustration. if u bring pencil in after you've laid down some paint, what's it matter? your not breaking any rules. the only rules that matter are your own, because this is LEONARD DENTE ILLUSTRATION. so do what you want, and make it look how you want it to, in whatever way that must happen. hope this helps and im not just filling your comment section..:D

Micah Dudash said...

i am alive and well, brother!

this looks great. what was your process/materials?

give me that JJ print.

much peace!

Leonard Dente said...

Sure Micah, you can have my print ... but only if you defeat me in unarmed combat first, that's just my policy.

I'll get around to posting a step-by-step process post one of these days, as I'm still fine tuning it. I'll sum it up though: This piece is graphite, watercolor, and gouache, but only in greyscale ... it is digitally colored.

Good to hear from you Micah!