26 February 2009

Society of Illustrators

I got a piece into the Society of Illustrators student competition, specifically the W. Burroughs portrait above. Holy crap!
Congrats to Lindsay and Will, who also got pieces in!

UPDATE: I've received a Society of Illustrators Education Committee Award! I've never been so honored.


SmorArt said...

Yeeeeaaaaah! Good job!

Laura DeDonato said...

Congratulations!!! Love the portrait, great expression and technique :-)

Edward Kinsella III said...

Saw this on the Society website. Great mood, color choices, textures and design. Its awesome.

Cole Swavely said...

Hey thanks for the comment on my post!

Looking back on it, it is out of place in the blog, but as you noted, it got no responses in my personal blog. I knew that what I was saying was going to step on a lot of toes, but I figured that I was hurting myself by keeping it in.

I got some really amazing comments from both sides, and it really helped me get a wider perspective. My original evaluation was really narrow minded, and after talking to a bunch of people about this, I'm feeling a lot better, and certainly understand a whole lot more about why people are doing/acting the way they are.

I'll be posting more thoughts on my personal blog (I've decided that I need to write more about art and my own art), hopefully you'll take a gander at those once in a while and offer me some advice.

Simon Kim said...

This is really great.
great job.