17 December 2008

The Magician

Finished comp for Alan Moore piece, beginning finish tonight.
(Paul, why 20"x30"?!)

07 December 2008

William Seward

Graphite, watercolor, gouache, and digital.

04 December 2008

18 November 2008

UCF Cover

Here we have my finish for the UCF Anthology Cover.
And a detail:
Although disappointed by the piece not being accepted many valuable lessons can be drawn from this experience and I am grateful.

11 November 2008

World Record

Came across the humorous "record" set by a chimpanzee named Raven who chose an internet stock portfolio by throwing darts at a list. She defied expectations and was hailed a financial whizz (not saying much for the human financial gurus), and at one point had a website monkeydex.com, detailing Wall Street's first index of publicly traded Internet and new-economy stocks selected by a chimpanzee (wtf?)

02 November 2008

29 October 2008


I forgot to post this idea submitted to the UCF anthology cover "competition". Take from it what you will.

27 October 2008

Not a Good Likeness

Having so much trouble capturing a good likeness of Kerouac, posing him in such a way that I have no direct photo reference. Took a picture of myself then tried to build his face on top of mine ... really not that simple. This piece may be done by tomorrow, but no guarantees.

Know who it looks like, the detective from Twin Peaks.

17 October 2008

Style Study

After laboring far too long over meticulous watercolor paintings that never ended up looking as I wanted them to, I've decided to go nuts.
And to change the way I work. Things will be different from here on.

09 October 2008

2 Thumbs

Two thumbs for degree project pieces,
a portrait of Burroughs alluding to his "cut-up" style of writing,

and a portrait of Kerouac depicting his marathon typing.

"Why no color?" asks Wojciech.

02 October 2008

Obama Tree-head

Everyone in Illustration 4 is required to submit to the Mass Art Democracy Show's call for entries. The specifications are:

Work submitted must be of political or social nature containing content or a message that relates to topical or current issues, trends or events.

I'm going with a globally minded Obama, dreaming of leafy goodness.
(This is only a sketch. The finished piece will be cranked out in the next few days.)

It's a little absurd, but so am I.

28 September 2008


Facial studies of the forlorn "King of the Beats" ...

and of Mr. Ginsberg:

Two rough sketches for proposed degree project illustrations coming soon ...

22 September 2008


Sketching Burroughs ... aiming at a true likeness.

I'll be putting together a page like this for each of the writers I've chosen.
So there'll be anywhere from 6-10 of these study pages forthcoming.
Oh, and as it turns out, it's not that Wojciech doesn't know these authors, it's just that he thinks they're all degenerates and Bolsheviks.

17 September 2008


Here are several sketches of Allen Ginsberg at various stages in his life:

I'm also taking typography I ...

30 August 2008


Finally got the invitations printed for Isabella's (1st) birthday party.

Cutesy and tootsy.

28 August 2008

Getting geared up.

I was playing around today while working on Isabella's birthday invitation, combining graphite, watercolor, and digital:

Trying to get back into a productive mode.


Also, here's a teaser for the invitation: