16 March 2009



Three pieces donee for Experimental Illustration.


Allison Bamcat said...

I love these! Sad I didn't make it to class.

You're on the massart website front page! Go look!

Leonard Dente said...


What? "The Society of Illustrators Student Competition is the most competitive and prestigious of juried shows in the world" ... zuh? (They're joking, right?)

Allison Bamcat said...

Hey, I'd consider it pretty prestigious! Your work is great, and you deserved to get in. Congrats again.

And yay for being on the front page! That's like, celebrity status, no?

Chris Goodwin said...

holy crap lenny these are great!

Sam Koch said...

These are awesome! I think you should do more "experimental" stuff like this. Sick.

Leonard Dente said...

Bamcat: Thank you. Being a celebrity has been hard, the paparazzi have been stalking me.

Chris: Thanks a ton man, I had fun making these. I've been loving all of the commisioned portraits you create, they all have sumptuous texture. I look forward to every new one.

Sam: Glad you like these, and I agree that I should do more, and generally be more experimental in my creative process. Your new painting series is awesome! This might sound dirty, but you consistently blow my mind ... there, I said it.