18 November 2008

Victory (None)

Here we have my rejected finish for the UCF Anthology Cover.
And a detail:
Although disappointed by rejection many valuable lessons can be drawn from this experience and I am greatful.
I can only find fault in their confused art direction as a team, but there were so many opinions.

The other conclusion I've come to is that this piece was overworked, the sketch had more impact and a better general feel!
Stay fresh, stoopid!


Allison Bamcat said...

grateful. ;)

Wonderful piece, by the way.

G. I L L. said...

I think mine was overworked. But yours? maybe just a tad bit washed out. Otherwise your comp and everything worked very nicely. I learned a lot from this experience too. I learned through this and DP combination what my medium is, and I'm sure faculty will not approve! haha, is pencil and markers, sometimes watercolor. I over do my paintings, and everyone loves my marker paintings, I'm goin with it, screw the old timers! haha. If it looks good, then use it. Otherwise I think you, I, and all the other rejects needs to work to make something more simplistic in idea, and complex and beautiful in visual form. I know Lenny, This is TOO LONG, you can't read it!! hah! well its on your blog, you have to!

G. I L L. said...

I say rejects lightheartedly in a humorous way of course..