18 November 2008

Victory (None)

Here we have my rejected finish for the UCF Anthology Cover.
And a detail:
Although disappointed by rejection many valuable lessons can be drawn from this experience and I am greatful.
I can only find fault in their confused art direction as a team, but there were so many opinions.

The other conclusion I've come to is that this piece was overworked, the sketch had more impact and a better general feel!
Stay fresh, stoopid!

11 November 2008

World Record

Came across the humorous "record" set by a chimpanzee named Raven who chose an internet stock portfolio by throwing darts at a list. She defied expectations and was hailed a financial whizz (not saying much for the human financial gurus), and at one point had a website monkeydex.com, detailing Wall Street's first index of publicly traded Internet and new-economy stocks selected by a chimpanzee (wtf?)

02 November 2008