07 December 2008

William Seward

Graphite, watercolor, gouache, and digital.


SmorArt said...

Looks Great! I like the yellow background,goes well with the blues.Its a shame cant see all those pencil details.

Match said...

the soft quality of your style is really cool, I like this piece alot. The kerouac one is good too sir, post that!


Sam Koch said...

Very nice Lenny. I think there is a three dimensionality in this work that some of the other graphite and watercolor pieces lack, probably because this one is so bold. Really cool. Almost looks photographic.
I would try to be as bold as possible with this style because this piece looks freakin' great!!!

G. J. I L L. said...

lenny, This is my favorite thing you've ever done.DO MORE. strange comment but there's something reminiscent of highly realistic claymation in this piece. I love that quality, it's like you sculpted the figure in clay, but you didn't have any, you created it with your media! awesome, DO MORE.